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Move-in Checklist

Everything you need to know as a first time home buyer

Buying your first home should be exciting and not stressful. At Envoy, we make things simple for first time homebuyers to understand and we explain each loan milestone, so there are no surprises along the way. So, let’s get started.

how to buy a house

Complete Guide: How to Buy A House

Buying a house can sound a little overwhelming, but with the right resources by your side it can be a painless experience. If this is your first time buying a home, don’t worry. We will be here to help you through the entire mortgage process, from the day you apply to the day you close on your new home. You are just ten steps away from holding your first set of house keys in your hand. Let’s go!

Tax Rules for Refinancing

You’re used to paying property taxes and the various deductions and credits that come with homeownership, but now that you’ve refinanced your mortgage, things could be a little different. Prepare for the tax season by taking a look at these rules related to refinancing. 

3 Moves to Make After Closing Your Refi Loan

Now that you’ve finished your refinancing process, you’re probably ready to stop thinking about home loans and get back to your daily routine. That’ll come soon—first, there are three critical steps you should take to start your post-refinancing phase on the right foot. 

The Power of Preapproval Is Yours

What is the best time to refinance your mortgage?

Applying for a mortgage refinance is beneficial to many homeowners that are seeking to lower their monthly mortgage payments or reduce the term on their loan. Regardless if this is your first refinance or you’re a seasoned pro, meeting with a knowledgeable loan originator can help you determine if a refinance loan is right for your current financial situation.

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

Opting to refinance your mortgage means you can apply for a new mortgage with better terms than your existing mortgage. A refinance will typically require less paperwork and can close faster than a purchase transaction.