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Mortgage Articles

How to Budget for Closing and Beyond

If you’ve already been budgeting for a substantial down payment, great job. However, you should also save up for closing costs and the expenses associated with moving into a new residence to make sure you can finish the home buying process successfully and comfortably. The following information should help you plan for the last legs of your home buying journey.

Pushing Yourself Through the Home Buying Process

Like any of life’s most worthwhile pursuits, buying a home can take a lot of time, effort, and dedication. If you’ve been searching for the right property for what seems like ages without any signs of progress, try not to get discouraged—you have to keep moving to reach the finish line. Here are some strategies that can help you accomplish any big goal, buying a home certainly included:

An Award-Winning Mortgage Experience

Envoy’s people, tools, and processes have guided countless home buyers through a successful, enjoyable financing journey. Our systems and technologies are designed to make your home search as simple as possible, and there’s no problem our team of mortgage experts can’t solve.

A Closer Look at Credit Scores and Reports

Building strong credit gives you an advantage in many life situations, buying a house certainly included. Lenders will look at your credit extensively to determine how likely you are to pay back your loan and set terms to mitigate their risk, so the better your credit is, the better your financing process will go. Here’s a breakdown of everything that goes into your credit score and credit report.

Outdated Home Buying Advice

As nice as it is for everyone to share their favorite home buying tips, some people may be doing more harm than good without realizing it. Take your parents, for example—if they bought their house decades ago, the strategies that led them to success are unlikely to apply to today’s housing market.

Why Mortgage Rates Change

Getting a rate quote is useful for identifying how much you can afford and which homes are within your range, but always remember your rate isn’t set in stone until you lock it in. Mortgage rates change by the day—by the hour, even—so it’s crucial that you check with Envoy before moving forward with your first rate. Your loan officer could help you find something better in the moment.