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We're committed to giving our customers the best possible service and to make the home financing process as efficient, stress-free and pleasant as possible.


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Stephen W. in Rochester, NH

  Great Experience on October 21, 2020

I'd just like to thank the team at Envoy for making the home buying process as stress free as possible. The service was excellent.

Dan Marrs

Loan Originator: Dan Marrs

Amy T. in El Dorado Hills, CA

  Great Experience on October 21, 2020

Tami made the experience so good!!!! She answered all my questions, no matter how crazy they have may have been.LOL...Thank You Tami! I?m sure I was not your easiest customer

Tami Moreno

Loan Originator: Tami Moreno

Sheena M. in Coupeville, WA

  Great Experience on October 21, 2020

I had a great experience with Scott! Obtaining a mortgage is a workout but with Scotts help and encouragement I took the ups and downs in stride and the process went rather smoothly. Thank you!

Scott Fromme

Loan Originator: Scott Fromme

Anthony Z. in Staten Island, NY

  Great Experience on October 21, 2020

answered all my questions in a timely matter

Gennaro Lattanzi

Loan Originator: Gennaro Lattanzi

Silviano M. in Rockford, IL

  Great Experience on October 21, 2020

Great job

Diego Ramos

Loan Originator: Diego Ramos

Andrea M. in Lynn, MA

  Great Experience on October 21, 2020

Easy communication explanations and professionalism

Walter Trider

Loan Originator: Walter Trider

Tamela S. in Rockford, IL

  Great Experience on October 21, 2020

Kris Bass was amazing. She was very knowledgeable with the entire process. She communicated clearly and asked questions to make sure you understood with each step of the way. I highly recommend her services!

Kris Bass

Loan Originator: Kris Bass

Lisa M. in Burlington, WI

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

John was thorough and professional.

John Sustachek

Loan Originator: John Sustachek

Alfredo G. in Othello, WA

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

Was left in the dark a lot, had to be on them to get info on the progress on my home, still would recommend overall

Luiz Velasquez

Loan Originator: Luiz Velasquez

Barry F. in Othello, WA

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

I want to go back in time and delete all the Mortgage people I've met. There was always hassle, hustle, pressure, and an overarching tone of "this isn't going to be pleasant for either one of us!"

On our most recent home purchase we were introduced to Jeff Tanaka. From the very first phone call, it was pure magic. He always said YES. Always quick to provide what we need. Always with a smile. Bravo, Jeff. You have redefined a 3-decade old story I believed about your profession.

Jeff Tanaka

Loan Originator: Jeff Tanaka

Melissa G. in Fresno, CA

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

Easy to work with but there are still mistakes in the payments that I have pointed out numerous times.

Brandon Pugh

Loan Originator: Brandon Pugh

Britnie C. in Merced, CA

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

Robert Dylina and the entire Envoy Mortgage crew are outstanding. Robert made our home buying process stress free, made things simple for us to understand, and was available whenever we needed him. We highly recommend Robert and Envoy Mortgage!

Robert Dylina

Loan Originator: Robert Dylina

Christopher V. in Spokane, WA

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

Kasandra was amazing! She was always quick and professional when we asked questions and was always pushing the process forward when she could. There was never a moment when we felt completely lost.

Kasandra Cantlon

Loan Originator: Kasandra Cantlon

Lisa P. in Fresno, CA

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

Leigh Fisher was an amazing lender to work with.

Leigh Fisher

Loan Originator: Leigh Fisher

Joseph M. in Loudon, NH

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

Our dealings with matt were amazing. His professional attitude and work ethic are top notch! He responded on and off the clock and that is the sign of someone with great integrity! Recommended to anybody and everybody looking for a new home loan.

Matthew Famiglietti

Loan Originator: Matthew Famiglietti

Andrew S. in Big Lake, MN

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

Excellent communication throughout the entire process and left no question unanswered.

Laura Mendele

Loan Originator: Laura Mendele

Christopher B. in Knights Landing, CA

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

This is the third time I have purchased or refinanced with Vickie and she has always done whatever it takes to make the process as smooth as possible.

Vicki Tufts Jacobs

Loan Originator: Vicki Tufts Jacobs

Assunta V. in Lake Worth, FL

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

Great service! Great communication!

Ben Eachus

Loan Originator: Ben Eachus

George A. in West Long Branch, NJ

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

Personal contact was exemplary

Philip Lucrezia

Loan Originator: Philip Lucrezia

Susan D. in West Newbury, MA

  Great Experience on October 20, 2020

Anthony was so wonderful to work with! He answered questions and communicated with us regularly and quickly. He made the process easy even though our situation was a difficult one.

Anthony Lapolla

Loan Originator: Anthony Lapolla