Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in the Mortgage Industry

Our goal is to provide our borrowers the best experience when financing their dream home. That starts with recognizing the changing environment of home ownership and the unique challenges that a multicultural market presents.

At Envoy, we are constantly developing resources that can help a diverse set of borrowers make the best decisions when it comes to buying their homes. Whether it’s a first-time buyer or someone looking to refinance their homes, Envoy has the right tools to get the job done.

Get in touch with Envoy – Let us help you help others achieve the dream of home ownership.

Working With the Best

We want to work with the best of the best – no matter the differences in background or culture.

Investing in employees that put people first, inspire others and genuinely care about helping customers reach their goal of homeownership is what matters to us - not gender, age, sexual orientation or race.

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Celebrating Our Customers

The dream of homeownership is not limited to one person.

We understand that focusing on bringing people together from different cultures and backgrounds enhances the home buying experience for our employees and borrowers. Buying a home is a dream that anyone can and should achieve – and we are committed to helping all borrowers reach that goal.

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Enhancing Envoy Through Diversity

Creating an environment where we bring people together while celebrating our differences only enhances the culture and home buying experience at Envoy. We have created a Diversity and Inclusion plan to hold ourselves accountable for building diverse teams and cultivating an inclusive environment for anyone from anywhere.

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Envoy’s Diversity and Inclusion Environment – for everyone

The need to develop and implement a Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan was derived from the Vice President of Human Resources and a committee of senior management. Knowing the need for a diverse workplace, the committee put their focus on encouraging participation and creating an environment that feels welcoming and fair for everyone who enters our building.

Diversity is the movement. Inclusion is the goal.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan outlines how we implement diversity into our business and culture from the east to the west coast. The plan establishes a foundation for addressing the real life challenges and opportunities that companies face, while setting forth our vision, goals, strategies and action items to ensure we successfully recruit, hire and educate diverse employees.

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Envoy is a rare gem when it comes to a company. I admire the team environment atmosphere and a place where you feel valued as an employee. More importantly, as Envoy continues to grow, they make the company feel as one entity by recognizing cultures through nationwide initiatives and events.

Julissa Reyna, Learning and Development Administrator
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As a Regional Account Manager for Envoy CLD, I am proud to work for a company that values individual talent and uniqueness. In a historically male dominated industry, the fact that I am afforded the opportunity to represent, as the face of Envoy Mortgage, on a daily basis, speaks volumes for Envoy’s commitment to its core values and desire to be a diverse and inclusive company.

Beverly Jordan, VP, Regional Account Manager, CLD
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I am proud to be a part of Envoy Mortgage. I have been with Envoy for 6+ years and I feel like I am part of an innovative world-class company where our diversity represents the way the country is developing. I strongly feel diversity is very important to be successful today and in the future.

Neal Awayan, Secondary Marketing Senior Analyst