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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist – Indoor and Outdoor

Does fall conjure up images of pumpkin-spiced lattes, falling leaves and a cozy home? Although these may be some of the more common hallmarks of fall, many homeowners also translate a ‘cozy home’ into a fall home maintenance checklist. Yes, fall does mean it’s time to get your home ready – indoor and outdoor – for the colder months ahead.

Whether you live in a sunshine state or in the snowbelt, check out these fall home maintenance items:


  Change the furnace filter and have the furnace properly inspected

  Have the HVAC system inspected

  Clean and inspect the fireplace

  Seal any cracks around windows and doors

  Assess your home’s energy efficiency

  Reverse ceiling fans to redistribute warm air trapped against the ceilings

  Make sure the smoke and CO detectors work properly

  Have extra batteries on hand

  Clean the humidifier 



  Clean debris from gutters and downspouts – be careful to not cut into them

  Store any latex/acrylic paint inside if you live in a cold climate

  Close or install storm windows

  Store folding chairs and cushions out of the elements

  Water, fertilize and aerate the lawn

  Clean window wells and window well covers

  Turn off external water lines

  Remove garden hoses from faucets and drain water from hoses

  Clear debris from beneath a porch or deck

Add any ‘musts’ to create your personalized fall home maintenance checklist. Then, use your checklist every fall so you don’t miss a thing – and enjoy your cozy home all year ‘round!

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