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Meet Our Latest Recipients

The Wainwright Family

October 25, 2021

Katrina and Philip Wainwright are local residents of Columbus, Ohio. Before the pandemic began, Katrina was worked in the cafeteria for the Columbus School District. Because students were sent home to be homeschooled, Katrina had to resign from her position in the cafeteria.

She is currently studying to obtain her certification as a Medical Administrative Assistant. She is scheduled to graduate and obtain her certification in February 2022 and will begin to apply to work in medical centers. Katrina is very excited to see where her new profession takes her!

Philip was in the U.S. Army for two years, was medically injured and now is enjoying retirement. Together, the pair have three grown sons, 19 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Most of her grandchildren live close by and love visiting, so they can swim in the pool! Katrina and Philip were going through Chase to obtain their mortgage but that didn’t work out. They were
able to use Philip’s VA loan and Envoy worked perfectly with them.

The most challenging aspect of the pandemic for Katrina was that two of her brothers died within two
months of each other and she could not attend their funerals. While the funerals were “live streamed”,
Katrina could not bear to watch them. Her oldest brother died of Covid-19. Katrina is the “baby” of thirteen

The blessing of the pandemic was that she was able to purchase her new home.

Katrina’s hope for the future is that she gets to watch her grandchildren grow and become adults.

My comments – Katrina is a lovable candidate!!!! She is willing to participate in an interview. To reach
her, the best time is anytime after 4 pm Eastern Time because she is in school.