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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gift of Home program?

The Gift of Home is an annual mortgage relief program where Envoy Mortgage gifts mortgage payments and tax assistance to deserving customers struggling to meet their mortgage payments.

What will recipients of the Gift of Home receive?

Through the Gift of Home, recipients can receive up to $3,000 in mortgage payments and tax assistance.

Where is the Gift of Home program taking place?

This year, the Gift of Home will visit eight families in cities across the United States from July to December. To see where our surprises will take place, make sure you follow us on social media!

Can I apply or nominate someone for the Gift of Home?

At this time, individuals cannot apply or nominate someone for this program. Gift of Home recipients are randomly selected from a list of first-time homebuyers who financed with FHA, VA, or Bond loans closing between 2017-2021. Out of these selections, interviews are conducted, and recipients are chosen from those who serve their community in relevant and impactful ways.

Where can I learn more about this?

You can return to the homepage or follow along on social media to see the deserving families who will receive the Gift of Home.