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Meet Our Latest Recipients

The Ochoa Family

November 4, 2021

Jessica Ochoa is a pharmacy technician for a military clinic located at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Maria, California.

During the pandemic, Jessica was considered essential and worked for the duration. There was limited PPE and Jessica was very scared to attend work as they were made to adhere to strict protocols. Several employees were not able to come to work at the clinic because they had underlying conditions and were at higher risk, so Jessica picked up extra shifts.

Jessica’s husband, Jose Orozco, works in construction as a roofer and was not able to work for several weeks during lockdown. Together, the couple has four children, a newborn, a four-year-old, a ten year old and a twelve year old. She had her fourth child at the end of July and both she, her newborn, and her four-year-old son contracted the coronavirus. Jessica has asthma so the virus has impacted her breathing and her lung capacity is still not back to 100%.

The two older children are now back in school and their grades are improving, as they are happy to be back with their friends.

Envoy Mortgage helped the family consolidate their debt from the pandemic by refinancing in 2021.