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Meet Our Latest Recipients

The Manfredi Family

July 29, 2022

Mitchell Manfredi has been a firefighter for the Sanford Fire Department in Lebanon, Maine, for the past one and a half years. Prior to that, he was a firefighter at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Mitchell is constantly putting his life on the line to serve and protect his community.  

Mitchell and his wife, Casey, purchased their first home during the height of the pandemic. Casey works in manufacturing, where she has worked since graduating college, and financially the pair are struggling due to college loan debt.

To Mitchell, home means “being able to have the freedom to do whatever he wants in his own space.” The pair have taken this idea to heart and are continually investing in their property. Mitchell loves the fact that he has a great yard where his two dogs can roam and a garage that he can work in.

When Mitchell was on paid leave during the pandemic, he used the time to fully renovate the kitchen. The couple is very proud of their home and sees it as a never-ending renovation project and labor of love. As Mitchell updates the bathrooms, and garage, and expands the driveway, Casey can be found bringing the spaces to life with decorating.

When you enter the garage, you can see how committed the pair are to making memories in their new home. On one end you will see their dirt bikes and snowmobiles waiting to be taken out on their next adventure, and on the other, you will see banners of old snapshots on display.

Right now, Mitchell is so content with their new home that he doesn’t want to go anywhere else—unless, of course, it’s boating, dirt biking, snowmobiling, or throwing an annual “Maple Syrup Party” with Casey.

With the help of Envoy loan originator, Sarah Haberkorn, Mitchell and Casey were able to close on their first home. Mitchell’s sister and brother-in-law also worked with Sarah on their home loan.