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Meet Our Latest Recipients

The Lebron Family

August 30, 2022

Carlos and Karla are siblings living together in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Karla is a dental assistant and goes to school in the evening in hopes of becoming a dental hygienist, while Carlos is an instructional assistant at the local elementary school during the school year. He works in the STEP Program which is a bridge program for grades first through third that helps special needs children.

During the summer, Carlos works nearby at a center for autistic adults where he takes them to volunteer in the community. Some of the activities involve volunteering with the Meals on Wheels program, working out at the YMCA, and helping residents in the community with their home landscaping needs.

Karla loves the fact that she was able to be a homeowner at just 22 years old, and Carlos feels like he “owns a piece of the city.” Not only that, but they are both building wealth for future generations.

Their home needs some renovations like painting and windows. Karla and Carlos plan to make it their dream home and fix it up. Karla and Carlos both love their backyard because they never had a backyard growing up, and their four dogs love the backyard too.

With the help of Envoy loan originator, Sylvia Roman, Carlos and Karla were able to close on their first home and said it was a great experience.