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Meet Our Latest Recipients

The Finley Family

October 13, 2021

Joshua Finley is a Technical Consultant at a utilities company in Spokane Valley, Washington. Together, him, his wife and their two daughters “hunkered down” during the pandemic.

Joshua’s wife works in retail and could not work for two full months when the pandemic began. The pair have two daughters and their 18-year-old took the year off after graduating from high school and helped her mom work.

Joshua believes that this past year his daughter learned a lot about herself and got to experience the real world. She now wants to pursue an education as a business major and minor in art.

Joshua’s 15-year-old daughter also learned a lot about herself during the pandemic. She used to struggle in school, but has now began to excel after she realized the structure of online learning is better for her.

The biggest takeaway the family has learned is that they need to communicate better. So, it was great taking a break from having too many social responsibilities.