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Meet Our Latest Recipients

The Roberts Family

October 25, 2021

Jenna Roberts is an RN Manager in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a contract nurse and works with an agency that supplies registered nurse to medical centers.

During the height of the pandemic, Jenna worked at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and it was extremely stressful and overwhelming. Jenna felt like she lived at the hospital during this time and the biggest challenge
was staffing and keeping nurses at the hospital because many were suffering from burnout.

Currently, Jenna works for the University of Cincinnati and works remotely. The campus has
set up a mobile app where students check-in on a daily basis to identify how they are feeling. If the app decides the student is well, the student receives a green light to go on campus. If the student is not feeling well and/or has Covid-19 symptoms, the app sends a red light to the student and a call to Jenna. She then contacts the sick student and
conducts a medical tele-visit.

Jenna’s husband, Christopher, is a Corrections Officer. Together, they have been married for five years and
have been blessed with a family of four children. Christopher works 12-hour night shifts and Jenna works eight-hour days.

The biggest challenge for Jenna during the pandemic was building normalcy for her family during the
chaos. She tried to find alternatives for bonding and having fun together at home.

The biggest blessing the pandemic gave the pair was having the chance to catch up
on their finances. By lowering costs, they were able to stay on budget and refinanced their
mortgage in May 2021!