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Interview With Kim Hoffman: Envoy Mortgage COO Recognized as a 2019 Women of Influence by HousingWire

HousingWire released its annual “Women of Influence” award recognitions and among those honored was Envoy Mortgage COO, Kim Hoffman, CMB, AMP. The award honors high-achieving women across the U.S. housing economy and was formed to recognize the significant contributions of women in both the mortgage banking and real estate industries.

Kim stands out in her accomplishments not only for her outstanding efforts to drive the U.S. housing economy forward, but through her compassion for others.

However, we wanted to get a hyper-focused look at exactly how Kim continues to make a daily impact across mortgage industry. We wanted to know why mentoring women inside this industry is so necessary? Why should women be interested in a career in this field? What advice should women take to secure a career in the financial services industry?

To answer these questions, Envoy’s content developer, Cassandra Fournet turned to Kim Hoffman herself to get to the bottom of each of these important questions.

Cassandra Fournet:  Why is it so important to encourage women in the housing and financial industries?

Kim Hoffman:  We must encourage women in all aspects of commerce. The mortgage industry really offers a profound experience for women. In my opinion, I can’t imagine another industry that’s as flexible and allows women to have multiple experiences, not only in their career, but by developing a focus outside their career as well. The mortgage industry has certainly done that for me.

CF:  What sparked your interest in the mortgage industry and how did your career evolve?

KH:  It’s a funny story. My mother wanted me (like all mothers) to become a doctor or a lawyer and I figured that probably wasn’t going to be my career track. Then, I started hearing more and more about housing and I thought, ‘well, people will always need houses.’ I figured that there would always be a market and a need for shelter and for communities and their growth, so the more I investigated mortgage banking I thought it could be something that would appeal to me in the long-term. When I heard the term ‘Mortgage Banker’ I thought, ‘I like how that sounds’—that’s where it all started.

CF:  Who are some of your female heroes and role models?

KH:  I’ve been the benefactor of tremendous female influences on my career and in my personal life. Clearly, my mother was incredibly independent and a career-minded woman, so the idea started very early for me. I especially want to thank Sharon Moore and Vicky Thompson from the Fleet Finance Family who opened doors for me that I never dreamt possible and most recently, Shelley O’Connor and Laura LoCosa from Morgan Stanley. While I don’t spend as much time communicating with these women as I would like, I want them to know that they have had a profound influence on who I am as a person and an executive.

CF:  What were the pivotal moments in your career that led to your success?

KH:  Early in my career, being put into positions of leadership and having those strong female influences that I mentioned before, to sponsor, help and mentor me and then becoming a certified mortgage banker is what ultimately led to my success. Becoming a mortgage banker was a profound experience It was a profound experience and it truly led me into a laser-focus of honing my craft through education.

CF:  Who has been your biggest mentor throughout your career?

KH:  I can’t say that I have had one single mentor, because who I am as a person and an executive is a kaleidoscope of extraordinary relationships with people that have helped me throughout my career and not just the people above me, but my associates as well. Every interaction has brought so much meaning into my life, so I’ve always looked at myself as someone who is moldable and continues to evolve even today.

CF:  What is your advice for females who want to begin a career in the mortgage industry?

KH:  I would tell them to do it! I would tell them to seek out somebody who is willing to invest some time and energy into their career and help them open doors. However, what they do when they get through those doors is completely dependent upon them. Thanks to Marsha Davies, with the Mortgage Bankers Association, we have become really focused on mentoring more women and getting more women interested in the mortgage banking field. We are always flattered when somebody we don’t know reaches out to us on LinkedIn and wants to talk about the mortgage industry. I can promise you that nobody will ever turn your questions down.

CF:  What type of impact would you like to leave on the mortgage industry? What will be the legacy that you leave behind?

KH:  I hope I will be known for inspiring other women to the roles that I have had. I hope that people will look at me and say that I led selflessly, honestly and that I invested in the people around me, if that’s my legacy, I’m good with that. What more could I ask for?

Kim Hoffman is the Chief Operating Officer for Envoy Mortgage. Beginning with strategic plans and a core focus on operations and customer experience, Kim leverages her forward-thinking approach and past experiences to help her determine the operational needs across the company.

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