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Ignite Your Passion

We are more than just mortgages. We are innovators, artists, athletes, heroes, entrepreneurs and out-of-the-box thinkers prepared to do whatever it takes to disrupt the status quo for the things we believe will make an impact. What will ignite your passion? Come find out. Then share it with the world.

Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee

Analyst, fierce competitor and mind-over-matter expert, Barbara is the person that inspects and audits Envoy’s commercial accounts. A personal tragedy may have brought her across state lines from Louisiana to Texas, but a family of unlikely work friends is what kept her here. From leaving the only life she had known and packing up her car with as many belongings as it could carry, to silencing each of the naysayers that told her a woman couldn’t become a powerlifter, Barbara’s story is one of love, loss, perseverance and the conquering of impossible odds.

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