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Envoy Mortgage Rockville Maryland Branch Volunteers at Stepping Stones Homeless Shelter

Envoy Mortgage branch in Rockville, Maryland lent a hand to the nearby Stepping Stones Homeless Shelter in Montgomery County. The shelter provides emergency living accommodations to underprivileged families in the surrounding area.

Located in Rockville and built in 1912, Stepping Stones Shelter serves six families at a time, each with their own individual rooms within the house. Annually, the shelter takes on 78 families and provides each with emergency accommodations and post-shelter support programs.

Jeremy Moriethi, Envoy Branch Manager, reached out to the organization as a way for his local team members to volunteer their time in a profound way despite the challenges of the past year.

“As difficult as life has been for all of us over the last year, it amazes me to see institutions, such as Stepping Stones, continuing to help families. Stepping Stones has been there for families and it is an honor to help them continue to help others,” said Moriethi.

In total, the team assembled 116 backpacks to 40 families for the shelter’s back-to-school program, as well as donated headphones to be packed inside each individual backpack. The backpacks were then distributed to current and previous residents living at the shelter, so they children could begin the school year with essential supplies.

It is imperative the shelter receives in-kind donations and procures on-site volunteers annually as only 40% of income is received through the county.

“Helping an organization like Stepping Stones allows us to not only do our part for our community, but to place ourselves in another person’s shoes. We imagined our own daughter opening these backpacks and we were able to remember how fortunate we are to be able to give back and fill each backpack with supplies and love. Anything that can aid the next generation is a gift for us all, as they truly are our future,” said Adriana and Chuck Clapper, Envoy Mortgage Loan Originators.