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Why Our Excellent Realtor Rating Matters to You

It’s obviously very important for you to trust both your lender and your Realtor, but it’s just as important they trust each other. A positive, lasting working relationship between lenders and Realtors is evidence they both get results for their customers, and their close collaboration will make your mortgage process faster and more efficient.

Envoy is proud to have a fantastic rating from our Realtor partners. Here’s why this is great news for you:

Fast, Thorough Pre-qualification

A Realtor’s livelihood depends on how many sales they close, and closing requires excellent timing. If your loan isn’t in order when the seller is ready to pull the trigger, they won’t wait long—they’ll go with a more reliable offer, costing you a home and your Realtor their commission.

With Envoy’s fast and comprehensive pre-qualification process, you’ll know exactly how much you can afford to borrow early in your financing journey. We make sure your Realtor has access to all of the paperwork they’ll need to prove you can close on a home quickly. A great rating from a Realtor shows they can count on us to help them and their customers finalize a sale efficiently.


A lot of Envoy customers are referred by Realtors, so it’s in our best interest to keep them and our mutual customers happy. If hang-ups in the mortgage process cost a Realtor a sale, they won’t recommend us to buyers in the future. Our desire to maintain an excellent Realtor rating holds us accountable to delivering high-quality mortgage services to buyers like you every time.

Hear from Realtors

Why else do Realtors love working with Envoy? Let’s hear it from them:

“This was the smoothest, easiest, and most efficient transaction of my entire career. Envoy Mortgage was absolutely wonderful. They handled their responsibilities in a quick and efficient manner, they were extremely polite, helpful, and communicative, and my buyers were beyond please with their personal experience. I will without a doubt recommend them to every buyer I encounter in the future. Thank you!!!” – Morgan G.

“The team is amazing! I work with several lenders, and they are the only one who provides me and the client with everything I expect from a great mortgage team.” – Tamesha W.

“My clients were happy that I suggested Envoy as a lender. As a licensed Realtor, I am glad the team at Envoy takes care of me and my clients. I can trust Envoy to follow through on their word.” – Brandon A.

“Working with the top-notch professionals at Envoy Mortgage was a phenomenal experience. They communicated with me throughout the process and helped me understand what was going on with the helpful videos they send out with each part of the loan process. I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone looking to buy or refinance their home.” – Dante O.

“Envoy Mortgage goes out of their way to provide accurate information in a timely manner with a positive attitude and optimism. I highly recommend the Envoy team to assist you in financing any home, land, or new build purchasing opportunities.” – Mary Beth F.

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