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The Advantages of Upfront Underwriting

Envoy’s goal is to deliver a fast, easy mortgage process to our customers from start to finish, and our Upfront Underwriting system is a big part of what makes us so successful. The sooner you can prove to a seller that you’re ready to make a purchase, the greater your chances of successfully closing on a home.

Here’s how our process will help when you’re ready to close:

  • Digitally review income, assets, and employment documents
  • Synchronize different underwriting processes so they can be completed simultaneously
  • Our Day 1 Certainty process can prepare and deliver an underwriting decision within 48 hours of receiving your complete file

A slow or clumsy underwriting process can cause buyers to stumble at a critical point in the home buying journey. Envoy will make sure you get through your mortgage process quickly and without complications so you can close on the perfect home.

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