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Simple Ways to Get Involved in Your Community

Community involvement provides an opportunity to lend some support and to make some impactful contributions for people in your neighborhood. Whether you donate your time or contribute financially, a variety of basic gestures can go a long way. Throughout the year, you can give back to your community via one of these 5 simple ways.


  1. Shop Local

While taking advantage of your Amazon Prime or Walmart+ subscriptions are convenient ways to shop online, an occasional visit to stores nearby is a great way to support local merchants. Storeowners in your area have a fair probability of living in your community, might have kids that attend school in close proximity and are likely to support other local businesses. So, let the big box stores spend money on ads to attract more customers, while you save time and gas by shopping locally.


  1. Become a Sponsor

Local organizations provide training, nurturing and character-building activities for people of all ages. These skills are frequently showcased via sporting events, art exhibits and theater performances. So, whether you make a small monetary contribution toward a local chess club or to buy a box of Girl Scout cookies, your help will be appreciated. If fact, you can simply donate money to any local organization or a charity nearby.

Own a small business? If so, your sponsorship may be recognized via printed materials, displayed on apparel or on local signage.


  1. Volunteer

Help is literally needed in your backyard. Large organizations, such as the March of Dimes and the American Heart Association, as well as your local PTA board have an ongoing need for reliable volunteers. You can reach out to local pet shelters and homebuilding organizations that provide housing for those who are homeless, disabled or financially challenged to lend your support. These organizations will value your time and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, too.


  1. Get to Work

With some time and a bit of creativity, you can get some projects going in your community. For instance, you could organize a community yard sale, a bake sale or a mini arts and crafts festival. Sure, it’s nice to support artists online via Etsy, but there’re probable some folks who would love to showcase and sell some of their hand-crafted items within the community.


  1. Talk With Your Employer

Many companies are eager to participate in local activities that foster a sense of community and good will. Speaking with people in your company’s human resources department could enable you to gain some direction and helpful ideas. Your HR department could also channel certain ideas to help you obtain support and additional volunteers.


Our Favorite Ways to Give Back    

Giving back is an ingrained value of Envoy Mortgage. We do what good neighbors do, go out of our way to lend a helping hand, make connections with our customers, team members and everyone we meet. Through our Gift of Home program, we distribute funds to customers who are essential workers within the communities that we serve. Additionally, we support organizations, such as Junior Achievement, Sunshine Kids, Habitat for Humanity and Trees for Houston.

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