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6 Home Resolutions You Can Keep All Year Long

This year, we are resolving to set home improvement goals that will last all year long and not just during the month of January. Instead of setting unrealistic milestones, it is our intention to help you cultivate daily lifestyle habits that relieve stress and save extra time for the hobbies that you love!

Here are our favorite picks for the best home improvement ideas for everyday and how to achieve them:

Set reasonable goals.

The reason why new year resolutions usually fail is because unrealistic goals are set. Begin with a small task, such as, folding your clothes right after you wash them, and once that responsibility becomes a weekly habit, only then can a new goal be set. Don’t overload yourself with too many goals at once.

Donate now.

As you get rid of the clutter in your home, donate the items you no longer want right away, instead of allowing the bags to pile up. This way, your clutter will begin to diminish, and you will be able to see all the progress you are making!

Stop procrastinating.

You don’t need new organizers or cleaning products to get started. Begin cleaning immediately and head to the store for supplies as needed. This will help you stop procrastinating, save money and keep you from purchasing unnecessary items.

Create a cleaning routine.

Curating a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning routine will relieve stress as you come home each day to a clean house.  A routine will also leave your weekends free for social activities, instead of having to spend a whole day cleaning each weekend. Check out our printable house cleaning schedule!

Find areas to save money.

Set aside time to review your home finances. See if there are any cutbacks you can make, such as, finding better energy rates, switching to energy-saving appliances or even checking to see if you can pay off your mortgage sooner. It could even be time for you to think about a mortgage refinance!

Celebrate your success!

When you reach specific milestones, always reward yourself with a celebration. Treat yourself to a bottle of champagne or purchase that specific item you have had your eye on for a while. Planning these mini celebrations will help you stick to your future goals!

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