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6 Holiday Home Decorations You Didn’t Know You Had

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but with the purchase of a new home and gifts to buy, you might be strapped for cash when it comes to decking the halls this year. Use our list of cheap winter decorating ideas, to decorate for the holidays on a budget!

Accent Pieces

Bring nature into your home this year to create a rustic and cozy feeling throughout. Use branches from your live Christmas tree or pinecones from your yard to use as candle wraps, gift wrappings, vase displays or even use as table settings.


Bring some soft light into your home by putting multiple taper candles on display. Make your candles look extra fancy by fitting them into empty glass or wine bottles!

Christmas Ornaments

Invite an old fashioned holiday style into your home by upgrading your Christmas cookie cutters into DIY Christmas ornaments! Turn holiday cookie cutters into ornaments by covering one side of them with patterned wrapping paper. Next, just add an ornament hook and start trimming the tree!

Decorative Trees

Got some old music books collecting dust? Upgrade the sheet music by creating your own DIY paper trees to display. Sheet music can also double as a gorgeous placemat for your dining room table—extra points if it features holiday music!


No kitchen is fully stocked without a few mason jars, so we know you probably have a few laying around. This year add some mason jar décor to the exterior of your home by using them as outdoor luminaries. Just fill the mason jars with sand (to avoid a fire) and a candle. Next, line your sidewalk with the lights and enjoy walking in a winter wonderland!

Table Accents

Have an extra scarf or wool blanket collecting dust in the closet? Just fold it into a rectangle and use this cozy texture and pop of color as the perfect table runner!

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