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5 Home Resolutions to Make in 2023

Resolutions can empower you to succeed in the New Year. Achieving a few goals can lead to a feeling of fulfillment. Resolving to keep a tidy home will help your space remain well-kept and cared for.

Below you’ll see some homeowner resolutions you can make in 2023:

  1. Create a Home Maintenance Schedule

Without a consistent method to keep your home in order, it’s really easy to fall behind on important tasks. However, a home maintenance schedule can ensure that certain chores are performed on a daily, weekly or periodic basis.


  1. Check Your Gutters

Redirecting water away from your home can prevent water buildup and the potential for flooding conditions. Frequently clearing your gutters and downspouts can keep heavy amounts of water away from your home’s foundation and help retain its structural integrity.


  1. Inspect Your HVAC Filters

Throughout 2023, you will depend on your home’s air handling system to maintain your desired temperature level. Frequently changing the filters and making notes for any unusual sounds or performance issues could help you detect and prevent troubling conditions from getting worse. Having an HVAC technician to review and address issues that you’ve observed could help maintain your home’s optimal climate setting.


  1. Check Your Safety Devices

In the event of an emergency, it’s wise to have working items that’re essential to your safety. Therefore, you should check devices, such as your smoke alarm batteries, carbon monoxide detectors, home security system and fire extinguishers to ensure you’re prepared.


  1. Make Extra Mortgage Payments

Paying more than your minimal mortgage payment could enable you to pay off your home sooner and help you save money on interest. Speaking with one of our licensed loan originators about ways to reduce your mortgage balance or to obtain a more attractive interest rate could improve your financial situation in 2023.

We hope that you have a wonderful year and reach your most important goals.

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