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4 Ways to Speed Up Your Home Search

If it seems like you’ve been house hunting forever without any luck, don’t be discouraged. Finding the right home is an extended process, and it takes most buyers longer than they expect at the beginning. Even so, there are things you can do to make your search go faster. Here are four suggestions we think will help you shorten your home search:

Here are four suggestions we think will help you shorten your home search:

1. Learn What “Too Long” Really Means

Sometimes buyers think their search is taking longer than usual because they don’t know what “usual” is. In today’s world, properties aren’t hitting the market as abundantly as they have in years past. It’s not uncommon to continuously view properties for more than a year, and even have a few offers rejected, before you close a deal.

2. Reset Your Expectations

Nobody wants to settle for less, but holding out for a house that’s 100% perfect may prevent you from ever pulling the trigger. If you see a lot of homes without finding anything you like, you should reconsider your “nice-to-haves” and “must-haves.” On the other hand, if you’re finding great places but no one is taking your offers, take another honest look at your budget or chat with your real estate agent about adding an Escalation Clause to your future offers.

3. Ignore the Armchair “Experts”

Your friends and family are no doubt trying to help, but even if they have a lot of experience with buying homes, their experience will not match yours. They probably don’t know your budget, the neighborhoods you’re looking in, or the housing market at this particular moment in time. Listen to the Envoy team and your real estate agent instead.

4. Play the Numbers Game Right

There are many houses coming and going in your market every week—don’t feel like you have to see them all. Conversely, if you viewed a house you loved and lost it to another seller, try to let it go. An even better one could pop up in the near future.

As long as you continue to search at a steady pace and don’t let yourself get bogged down by overcomplicated details, you’ll find a great home before you know it. If you need more advice on how to accelerate your search, Envoy is here for you.

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