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4 Ways to Keep the Momentum in Your Home Search

We all know what it’s like to lose steam while you’re chasing a big goal. The excitement you feel at the beginning of your journey doesn’t last as long as you’d hope, especially when you start running into challenges. When that initial burst of inspiration fades, don’t give up—let determination take over.

You’re much closer to buying a home than you were when you first reached out to Envoy, and you could even be right near the end. Push yourself past the finish line with these tips for keeping up momentum in your home search.

1. Take Small Steps

If you don’t have the energy to tackle something big every day, cross something tiny off your list instead. Maybe you didn’t go to three open houses like you wanted to, but checking new listings from your couch will still get you closer to finding a home. Eventually, the small steps will add up to something big.

2. Keep Track of What You’ve Done

People always worry about what they have to do next, forgetting how much they’ve already done. Be proud of your past self! Make a list of everything you’ve accomplished up to this point in your home buying journey—it’ll remind you what you’re capable of, how much work you’ve already put in, and why it’s important to keep going.

3. Celebrate Milestones

Just because you haven’t made it to the big finish yet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process along the way. When you complete another step in your search, take a moment to treat yourself, and make sure you loop in your family, your friends, or even your loan officer—rewarding experiences mean more when they’re shared.

4. Stay Focused On Your Future

The simplest thing you can do to stay motivated near the finish line may also be the most effective: Think about what life will be like when you succeed! This whole process probably started with visions of yourself decorating, taking care of, and relaxing in a beautiful house of your own, so don’t lose sight of that now.

If you make progress every day, no matter how little, and learn to enjoy the ride, that perfect home will be yours someday soon. Don’t forget, you aren’t in this alone—Envoy’s by your side all the way.

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