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Andy Pettola

SVP, Northeast Division

Andy Pettola

Being SVP of Envoy’s Northeast Division, Andy manages the financial operations of his team, while focusing on recruiting, training, problem-solving, managing profitability and serving as corporate ambassador for his region.

Andy has worked in the mortgage industry for over 26 years and brings a variety of experience to the Envoy leadership team with having owned his own broker shop, as well as holding senior-level positions in both wholesale and retail channels. Andy has also managed some of the largest companies in the country; including Countrywide and Deutsche Bank, as well as many regional and boutique lenders.

Andy loves spending time with his three amazing kids, Cody, Tyler and Samantha and his incredible wife and support system, Terri. He is also a board member of the SVMFL football league in his hometown and has been active VP of the league for over seven years! He also enjoys coaching youth football and playing hockey at least twice a week. Aside from snowmobiling in New Hampshire during his time off, he is an avid Spider man and Pittsburg Steelers fan!

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