Mortgage Solutions

Envoy Mortgage, a leader in the real estate finance industry.

Our Mortgage Lending Business

Envoy Mortgage, a leader in the real estate finance industry, is a full-service mortgage bank that offers in-house expertise in many areas of mortgage lending.  Licensed to lend in 48 states across the United States, our company employs the highest number of Certified Mortgage Bankers® (CMB) in the entire state of Texas. The CMB designation is the highest level a mortgage banker can receive, and it requires a proven history of  real estate finance expertise and professionalism—the same expertise and professionalism that we use to help you, our customer.

Our Customers

We strive to satisfy each and every customer to the best of our abilities. With the availability of hundreds of mortgage loan program options and hundreds of mortgage lenders from which you can choose, the process of financing your home can be complex. We are well equipped to guide you through some of the most comprehensive financing available today, and we will work hard to ensure that we meet your needs.

At Envoy Mortgage, excellent customer service is our number one priority. Each transaction has an assigned, licensed, mortgage loan specialist who will be in touch with you throughout the loan process. You can certainly be assured of a premier level of service from an expert in the industry.

Mortgage Loan Specialist at Envoy Mortgage SolutionsWe are able to ensure an accurate and faster closing process because each step occurs in-house at Envoy Mortgage—including processing, underwriting, closing funding and shipping. And because we control the entire process, there are no surprises at the closing.

We harness the power of technology to benefit our customers, but that technology is only one of many tools we use to help us do our business. Envoy encourages you to use some of the features on our website,  including the Learning Center,  to help you better understand the process of financing the purchase of your home and also about who we are.

We hope to establish long-term relationships with our customers and we take pride in our success in helping so many of them achieve and maintain their dreams of homeownership.

Come home to Envoy Mortgage and receive a great low offer from a mortgage loan specialist. Contact us today so we can work together.